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The Questionable Question
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The Questionable Question One simply has to admire the band for their strange way of expression their thoughts about bikes. Never have bikes and metal been in such close coalition in the metal scene. Forget about Queen ... these guys from Slovakia mean business.

My review of this release: Favorite track: In Cold Biking.
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Hateful Bike Black Metal


released July 7, 2007

HeadlessPedalvomit - Bass, Vocals
LegeyedKiller - Drums
DismemberedTube - Guitars
BrokenRibbraker - Guitars

recorded&mixed@mastered - fork in the eye 2007



all rights reserved


bicyklothorturerere Košice, Slovakia

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Track Name: In Cold Biking
Odious winter and frost.
Long track from bike in the snow.
Pain, winter and vapor from mouth.
Pure hate and fear.

Riders on ski and toboggans,
bring your snow to the north!
Sports worth of despise.
We want the summer and warmth!

Black asphalt across the blooming meadows
Rocky pavements across forever green forests.

This is the only and true.
Sport for the chosen ones.
This is the only and true.
Weather for chosen ones.

Even in winter this land belongs to us.
Leave the ski slopes!
Otherwise we’ll expel you on our bikes!
Even in winter you’ll never get our tracks.
Track Name: Eaten Back To Bike
Hate and evil,
Are leading us through the pavements.
Crying of pensioners and innocent children pleases us.
We block the traffic, we, the cause of accidents.
May no one cross our ways,
Otherwise he’ll meet our hate.

Wheels soaked with blood,
Lead us forward with wisdom.
Run until you have the time,
We’ll squash you right now.

We throw our bodies under the car-wheels with pride,
Because asphalt is our dominion!
Be afraid for your life,
When we hit the streets in our might.

We’ll bad to the flesh and soul,
We want to leave only ash and dust behind us.
Bodies thrown all around and inverted cars.
Pools of blood and horror in your faces.

bike terrorism
Track Name: Bike... And His Embrace
Embraced by trampling.
Pulled into activity.
I don’t see and hear.
I don’t feel I don’t know mercy.

Nothing means obstacle to me.
Nothing will stop me.
Orgasm of soul.
An extraordinary ecstasy.

That shapeless metal and simple mechanism
Has subjugated me
I sold my soul to the bike
I am lost.

I fell to the absolute bottom
And reached the top of the maximum.
Nothing is interesting to me yet,
just bike... bike... bike!
Track Name: Teach Children To Worship Bike
Let the children come to me!
Let them understand that I’m their salvation.

Love me as much I love you.
I’m your certainty and your stone.

Those who doesn’t know me can’t love because I’m the love!
I’m the love, I’m the hope.
I’m the evidence, I’m the life.

I’m the place where you’ll be saved.
Don’t be afraid and come...
Come to me and start to believe in me.
Anyone coming to me must believe.
Come and I’ll present you with believe in me.

I’m Your Bike and I will take you to the destination.
Track Name: Raining Bikes
Fearsome pedals
And metalshoed sandals on them
Blood, blood all around.
Remains flying through the air.
Destruction, doom and vanity.

There’s a lot of us, like in swarm of flies.
Raining Bikes!

The plague stroke was just a joke.
Raining Bikes!

We’ll smash all down to the earth.
Raining Bikes!

Everybody shall fall on their knees before the
Raining Bikes!

Take a bow and feel sorry for your sins!
Learn how to bike and you’ll be pardoned.

Only through bike you’ll save your soul.

Bike is your future
Bike is your past
Bike is your presence.
Bike is your only chance.
Track Name: Formulas Fatal To The Bike
Marks. Marks, marks.
Only marks are the signs that I’m the better one.
That’s why I must have them as much as it’s possible
It shall allow me to mock the others

My mark is better than the mark of yours!
I’m better because I have more marks!
Only marks decides if I’m good enough.
No mark, you’re nobody!
You’re the waste, you’re the looser.
Track Name: Necrobikecism
Weariness, pain and sweat.
Feelings intensive quite a lot.
Colorful like some TV spot.
I’m never fed up of that.

Neverending rising up,
I’ll never say no to that!
Insane riding down,
What a pleasure of my rides!

Pain, heat and fear.
Besides of flies I swallow also the dust.
Wheels are tearing the earth,
I’m trampling although I already can’t.

Sweat on forehead and wind in the hair,
Spasm in leg and terrible fall.
Broken ribs and hip scratched to blood.
My leg was torn by pedal
Stream of blood covered the earth,
But I must wake up and ride forward.